Amber Cell Phone Charger

The Amber Cell Phone Charger on Shark Tank

Cell Phone Charging Stations - Episode 601 - 9/26/2014
Cell Phone Charger, Episode 601, 9/26/2014
Amber Cellphone Charger quietly making
"more money" in the background
  Considering just about everyone carries a cell phone these day's, what's the odds of creating a new successful business selling charging stations to other businesses? Not as a stand alone business, but as an attractive add-on you can offer your customer's and guarantee to keep them around a little longer. The Amber Cellphone Charging Stations also connects with its own App, which conveniently tells you where the nearest place to charge up your cell phone, if you still have enough power left of course.

The inventor behind the Amber Charging Stations is Bill Suey, who made the final cut for the 2 Hour Special of Shark Tank Season 6 on Sept. 26, 2014. Each charging station can charge up to seven cell phone's at a time, and all have their self-locking compartment to keep them safe and secure.

With a long lasting battery life on most smartphones, the need to physically go to a charging station is never a problem most of the time. But (and that's a big but) when you forget to charge your phone because it does last so long, no doubt most people will go way out of their way to visit the nearest establishment where they can easily recharge their cellphones.

Amber Cell Phone Charging Station before the Shark Tank Update

According to Amber's website, (pre-Shark Tank appearance), you can only pre-order a cell phone charging station for $200.00 at this time. Hm, if I owned a restaurant, bar, motel, shopping centers, ski resort, airport, basketball stadium (hint, hint) or any business that has a lot of foot traffic, this would certainly seem like a good investment to attract and keep customers around a little longer. You can give this service away for free to current customers, and the new one's that find you via the Amber App, or charge a nominal fee to bring in additional revenue.

How much can you potentially make with the Amber charger? Oddly enough on the front page of the website, it says "start making as much as $180.00/month on mobile phone charging." Really? If those are the projected numbers based on optimistic numbers, maybe it might be best just to give the service away for free and make your money on the back end. On the other hand, an energetic entrepreneur servicing dozens of Amber charging stations in a variety of establishments could potentially make a very nice ongoing passive income with a minimal investment. Talk about an easy sale.

Will (did) the Amber Cell Phone Charger get the biggest charge of its life with an investment from the Sharks in this year's Season 6 premiere episode? No one knows just yet, but I'm sure glad Shark Tank Season 6 is finally here with ALL the original Sharks returning for what looks to be the "Best Season Ever".

TheAmber Cell Phone Charging Station


  1. Anonymous12:25 AM

    I thought the Sharks were unnecessarily harsh to the Amber creators. It's a great idea; they created a great prototype while attending a university; they were innovative in solving a problem. For Robert especially to compare his billion-dollar company equipment to the two young men working out of a university was nuts. Maybe their product isn't as high tech as Robert's, but most pubs and bars can't afford $50k security pad.

    1. Anonymous9:17 PM

      I agree; Sharks can be so discouraging. I think its a sucha good idea . They can simply change finger print to having the customer enter a code

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Robert's point was fair (partially). The finger print reader would have to perform perfectly. Any false negatives and people can't get their phone back. Any false positives and phones get stolen. Even just a few bad incidents can leave the product with a bad reputation. If it costs $50k to get a reliable finger print reader, there's no way they can make it affordable.

    However, I say his point is only partially fair because it sounds like he thinks it will have to make a perfect match among a database of millions when the person comes up to obtain a charger. However, at that point, no match needs to be made. It only has to record the finger print. The match is only made when the person retrieves the cell phone and then it only has to make a match among a population of 7. That might be more realistic.

    Still, however fair Robert's point was, the other guys made fair points and Shuey certainly didn't do himself any favors by talking about wanting to punch out Robert's teeth. That sort of thing does make for good TV, so I rather enjoyed it.

  3. Anonymous2:55 PM

    so, instead of an expensive biometric device, how about a card reader using a credit card. Really sharks, none of you could come up with that?

  4. I watch this on Shark Tank and it died. The product as it stands is a bad idea. However, the concept is good and there is most definitely a market. I would suggest selling the unit without the fingerprint scanner and without the automatic door. Put the unit behind a bar and let the bar tender be responsible for the phones. This is what the bartenders are doing now. But, with the amber unit they could charge multiple phones from one electrical outlet. The would be a great value add for customers and could help the bartenders tip jar.

    The idea of putting the unit at trade shows etc. was just plain dumb. Simplify the concept and a new business could be born. This product is ideal for restaurants and bars. This market alone is large enough to support the concept. Forget the other venues.

  5. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Hi, Tech Start Up CEO here. OK so the point of the finger print scanner is for identification reasons. we can agree that using the scanner is a stupid idea as pointed out by Robert so heres the solution. take out the scanner and throw on a touch screen. use 2 step identification to verify the user. first user types in their phone number and second a 4 code pin the user selects them selfs. its fast, efficient, accurate and cost effective. If the unit isn't being used the screen can be used for ad space. you're welcome.

  6. Anonymous6:58 AM

    I watched this episode On Demand last night and when I heard the idea it sounded like a great in something when you drunkenly think about it but never go on it because you know it isn't profitable. When they brought in the fingerprint scanner I was wondering "How much is this gonna cost to be effective?" And really each of the Shark's concerns were exactly mine: Cost, Fingerprint scanner getting damaged, and cheaper competition.

    I would have used something a bit better like a 4 number code for EACH door, but then the issue is that each door would have to already be the same each time and that would lead to stealing of iPhones. It is going to be difficult to manage it without the bar or location manager knowing the code to change the 4 number code every time someone uses it so that each time the code is something that isn't repetitive.

    The fingerprint scanner was the crucial no simply because no way an effective scanner would cost that little. That is crucial!!!

    You look at their site and the header picture is pretty cool looking, but simply there is no way it would cost only $1,000 to make one that effectively works. Then it is funny because one of the thing the Sharks said was that they would barely be able to make money off of this and now their $2,000 per unit has dropped to $1,200 per unit.

    And another thing they think that would be good is the "Push Notification" when someone's phone is dead is just stupid. Sounds like it could work...if your product was known nation wide and there were more than 100 businesses that actually have this across the nation. Because people really want their battery dying quicker than usual if they keep getting the push notifications.

    Also, those kids looked and sounded like they were 27yrs old. I am 23 and I don't even know any 22-24yr old guys that sounded like the short kid. The lab that is developing this is head up by a kid with just a Bachelor's Degree from JMU, so I bet these kids knew each other some way. That lab has only been open a year and before this product the guy only dealt with elementary school computer work.

    Don't get me wrong, it is a great idea to some extent. Their exact product just isn't profitable and the one they described would cost more than $1,000 to produce. The concept is good, but there are better competitors out there.

  7. Anonymous10:02 AM

    "You've come up with an elegant solution - TO FREE" haha best line in the Shark Tank ever!

  8. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Here is what I don't get about the fingerprint scanner that nobody noticed. There was only one door. What is to stop me from taking several phones at once?

  9. Think about it, why would a business want to be responsible for peoples phones? And most chargers are not that big anyway. At airports I see and use any available wall outlet to charge if I have to. asking a bartender to watch and charge your phone? Hell no that would be rude and not cool, I can't imagine even asking a bartender to do that.

  10. it would be great for schools have all the kids lock their phone in before class.

  11. Anonymous12:41 AM

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