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Fun Cake's on Shark Tank

Rent A Wedding Cake - Episode 606 - 10/10/2014

Cake Rental wins over Real Cake during Show
Fun Cake Rental is chosen as the "Real Cake"
over a $2500.00 Wedding Cake
on the Rachael Ray Show

 There's no question you can easily spend several hundreds of dollars for a nice wedding cake. It's part of getting married having a nice multi-tiered cake for your wedding photo's as you slice into that beautifully decorated, but very expensive piece of decoration. But what if you could rent a wedding cake and return it when the weddings over?

The Fun Cake's Cake Rental Business, invented by Kimberly Aya, is appearing on the Shark Tank in Episode 606 with a new type of wedding cake you can easily return when the weddings over. If you've never heard of the Fun Cakes before, then most likely you're wondering "who in their right mind would return their wedding cake after the wedding's over, and even get a refund for doing so"?

Kimberly clearly thinking outside the box, has been a professional cake decorator for many years. She knows first hand the time required to turn a wedding cake into a piece of art, and then the care needed to get it safely to the reception. With an average multi-tiered wedding cake costs $800.00 on up, even the slightest error could be very expensive.

Considering a decorated wedding cake is more for decorating purposes than it is to feed the guests, Kimberly decided to use her skills creating reusable Fun Cakes.
The Fun Cake's are simply works of art that are made to look like the real thing. For the Bride and Groom to share their traditional piece of cake together, Aya cleverly built in a small section to insert a few pieces of real cake. The guests? Most will be happy having a piece of regular cake, and knowing they're helping the new couple save several hundreds of dollars in the process.

Fun Cake Rental before the Shark Tank Update

At first, I wasn't sure what to think about the Fun Cakes Rental Business. Would people really be interested in displaying a fake cake at their wedding? Considering how much a professionally designed one costs these days, yes I do believe there's potentially a huge market, especially if you can't tell the difference.

Kimberly took one of her Fun Rental Cakes to the Rachael Ray Show and put it up against a real identical wedding cake that retails for $2,500.00. The experiment was simple, have the audience pick which was the real wedding cake, and which one was fake. The audience overwhelmingly chose the Rental Cake as the "real deal". Now that's impressive!

Will the Sharks be convinced the Fun Cake Rental Business has the potential to become the next Shark Tank Success Story in episode 606? When you consider the costs savings for something that's more for decoration purposes than anything else, yes I can easily see Fun Cake's becoming a huge success in a very short amount of time.

Good Luck Kimberly! This really is "Very Good Idea".

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  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Yes it is - Our daughter used a fake cake except for the top tier. Sheet cake for everyone - moister and fresher - no one knew that the lower layers were FAKE. Total take cost was $350 versus 980.

  2. I just watched this episode of Shark Tank and thought the idea was brilliant. If this was around when I got married I would have used them. Good luck with your business.

  3. There liars! Thank god nobody invested. Pastry chefs gave been doing this for years. I did it with my uncle,who is a pasty chef almost 10years ago. They didn't invent some great idea. If they invested who knows what else they would lie about.

    1. Of course they have been making fake tiers on a wedding cake for years BUT did you "rent " the cake you did with your uncle ? Read all the facts before calling someone a liar ... Not taken lightly !!!

  4. Great idea.all the best for your business..Thank you

  5. Anonymous1:28 AM

    I loved the idea too! I'm hoping they don't get discouraged by some of the comments from the sharks. I'm getting married in 8 months and planning on using them. I dropped them a note of encouragement on their contact page Hoping they come out with more designs!

  6. I am the only one in NJ offering cake rental services for any occasion so far it's been a slow go because I refuse to pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to market my business so Im doing my own networking

    1. You gotta spend money to make money, honey. I didn't even know this was a thing until I saw the show. Now I want to rent their cakes and not yours because I don't know about yours.

      Networking is great but it's not going to find me in Minnesota and my money's just as good!

  7. Oh the Rich Man's glasses. I swear I could have slapped Lori. Sorry we're not all billionaires but every girl should feel like a princess on her wedding and shame on you for mocking that.

    My sweetie just wants a big poofy dress and a big poofy cake at our wedding. If I hadn't found out about this, I'd have had to really disappoint her on that last part to pay for the first part.

    That said, I still agree with Kevin's assessment that they didn't have the hustle.


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