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Bottle Breacher on the Shark Tank

50 Cal. Bottle Opener - Episode 608 - November 7, 2014

Bottle Breacher seen in Veterans Episode 608
Customized 50 Caliber Bottle Openers
seen on the
Shark Tank Veterans Episode 608
 We have a Navy Seal by the name of Elijah Crane, who's coming to the Shark Tank in this Special Veterans Episode 608 with a product called the "Bottle Breacher" all Veteran's are going to love. If you have ever shot a 50 cal. bullet whether in the Military or not, chances are very good you'll always remember that first time.

Just holding one of these massive bullets gives you the sense of the pure-power this round is meant to deliver. Crane has taken the visual appeal of the 50 cal. round, and turned them into customized works of art known as the Bottle Breacher.

A Little History on the 50 Cal. Round

The 50 Caliber Bullet is, simply put, one big bad ass round. It was first invented over 100 years ago for the M2 Browning Machine Gun by John Browning, at the end of World War 1. The 50 caliber has an overall length of 5.45 inches for most rounds, with the case length just shy of 4 inches. The overall shape of the cartridge was designed around the already proven 30.06 but made bigger, much bigger.

The Bottle Breacher 50 cal. bottle openers are all made in the USA by former and current Military from all branches of the Service. On the Bottle Breacher's website, it says Elijah is still on active duty, but he's recently moved the business to Arizona. I'm not sure if that just needs to be updated, but either way, Crane has been able to grow the Bottle Breacher Brand considerably within the past year.

A message posted on Bottle Breacher's FaceBook page dated September 12, 2014 says, "We've come a long ways the past 6 months! From a 1 car Garage in our home to a space 6 times the size." The entire operation turning custom engraved 50 cal. bullets into memorable works of art is now located in Tucson, Arizona.

Bottle Breacher before Shark Tank Update

The Bottle Breacher already has a very large selection of 50 caliber bullets to choose from, or you can get one laser engraved with just about anything you can imagine. The packaging is almost as impressive as the 50 cal. bottle opener itself, and together make a very nice gift any Veteran would be proud to own.

As far as the Bottle Breacher getting a deal on the Shark Tank Show, Ah, yes, that's a very good question. A lot seems to have happened to this business since the Shark Tank Auditions were held last summer, and certainly would've taken a Shark-sized financial investment to make it happen in such a short amount of time IMO. It's a perfectly priced gift for anyone that already has everything, but chances are they don't have a customized 50 cal. bottle breacher, yet.

Considering this is Shark Tank Special Veterans Episode, and this product very much represents a big part of our Military past, the Bottle Breacher will most likely get offers from all the Sharks. Again, that's my opinion before the Shark Tank episode 608 airs this Friday night, and I'm sticking to it!

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  1. with all the shooting is going on I'm not sure how many people really want to see a bullet hanging off their key chain

  2. Yeah! That bullet might jump off the key chain, chamber itself in a weapon and pull the trigger and kill someone! Geeesh! Get a grip dude. Bullets don't kill people - people kill people. And tell me, how many folks do you know have a 50 caliber rifle? I'm guessing you like probably 99% of the people that live in this country will say "no one"! If more responsible people in this country were armed and carried - there would be much less gun violence from the idiots and thugs because THEY would fear that they would be coming up against someone that could end their lives if they pulled out a weapon. Instead, they are bold enough to believe that they probably are the only ones (other than the police) to be armed which is why so many of them are found dead or wounded when they come across a legitimate concealed carrying and trained citizen.

  3. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Don't order from this company unless you want to be first charged and then never receive your product for months. Their customer service is horrible and they do not respond to customer inquiries regarding your order status for weeks and after multiple requests. Two months after placing my order, I cannot even receive a cancellation confirmation.

  4. I have purchased two items from Bottle Breacher. Both arrived at my door within 10 days. In my experience, they are a great company that provides jobs for veterans.


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