Heidi Ho Vegan Cheese

Heidi Ho Organic Cheese on Shark Tank

Vegan Cheese Spreads- Episode 610 - 11-14-2014

Organic Cheese Spread on Shark Tank's 100th Episode , 11/14/2014
Heidi Ho Organic Vegan Cheese
Inventor Heidi Lovig appearing on
Shark Tanks 100th Episode
 Heidi, Heidi-Ho, its time for some Vegan cheese sauce on the go. Once thought impossible to make a great tasting Vegan Cheese Sauce, Heidi Lovig, the owner of Heidi Ho Vegan Organics, has redefined this entire market. Products like the Chia Cheeze Sauce or the Monterey Jack made with No Soy, Gluten, Corn or dairy products, is opening up a huge untapped market.

Heidi is one of the four contestants featured in this Shark Tank Special 100th Episode when all six of the Sharks will be together for the very first time. She's traveled the world and trained with vegans from all walks of life to perfect her organic cheese. It's hard to imagine an organic cheese "not made" with dairy products, but through lots of trial and error, Lovig has invented the once thought impossible.

The Heidi Ho Veganics Cheese was Featured in a Whole Foods Market video last year for the "Local Producer Loan Program." The Whole Foods Market provides low-interest loans to local farmers and food artisans like Heidi and the potential for mass distribution depending on the products success.

If Whole Foods Market ever thinks about making a commercial promoting the Local Producer Loan Program, this video with Heidi Ho Cheese products would certainly work. She covers all the benefits how this small business loan has helped her and the local community in general. If you have a food-type product you're thinking about bringing to the Shark Tank, or know someone that does, you want to check out this low-cost loan with added benefits. It would be nice if all larger stores had a similar program helping more Small Business Entrepreneur's like the Whole Foods Market does.

The Shark Tank Success Blog follows all the Contestants who's appeared on the Shark Tank in the first 100 episodes. While following Heidi Ho Organics, I couldn't help noticing a Famous Celebrity by the name of Ellen, who's been following Heidi for quite some time. I'm not sure if Ellen practices Veganism or not, but she obviously loves these unique dairy-free cheese spreads.

Heidi Ho Vegan Cheeze Spreads before Shark Tank Update

The good news is Heidi will be one of the first contestants pitching her product to all six Shark Tank Investors together for the first time. The other good news is every Vegan related product who appeared on Shark Tank, has become, and still very successful to this day. 100% Vegan products might be considered a niche market, but its a very big and growing niche market as our health consciousness expands.

Be sure to watch Shark Tank's Special 100th Episode #608 this Friday night when the Sharks get a little tipsy drinking Champagne and spreading Vegan Cheese on their crackers.

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  1. Anonymous1:01 AM

    $28.88 for shipping to Miami Florida... What I was purchasing cost $15, now it's in the $40's. How could you not figure this out first? The East Coast is basically a dead zone to anyone that just wants to try your item for the first time.

    1. Anonymous8:19 AM

      I agree with you I went to order some last night but with that shipping I said no way. I'm in great Orlando FL area

    2. agree. I just find it very hard to pay more in shipping than for the item I am ordering. would love to try a healthier alternative to real cheese, but not at that price. Why should it be so much more expensive to ship to the east coast. can't they use a flat rate method or something. She can lose a lot of business because of the shipping costs.

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Yes, help out the east coast. I'm ready to buy but can't find it in my whole foods.

  3. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I am on the east coast and wish to purchase !!

  4. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I guess its time to open a manufacturing facility on the east coast. We go crazy for cheese. A lot of people spend a small fortune in the Amish country buying cheeses. I live in Ohio, and we love a good cheese. We also would love to have a healthier alternative.

  5. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I can't wait to try this! I am in the Chicago area and recently realized I have dairy sensitivity. I love cheese though and am looking forward to a good tasting alternative!

  6. ellen is following her hmmmmm wonder why? nothing to do with the agenda. riiiight.


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