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Plywood Alternative - Episode - 11/14/2014

Hurricane Proof Plywood seen on Shark Tank 100th Episode
Storm Stoppers coming to the
Shark Tank Special 100th Episode
 If you have ever lived in a Hurricane prone area, then you already know how important protecting all your windows are before the storm arrives. The eye of the Hurricane may completely miss you by hundreds of miles, but its better being prepared than face the alternative of a very expensive mess. Covering all the glass with plywood is the cheapest way to protect your investment, but it's sure a pain in the neck and a big waste of time if the storm never comes.

Another problem relying on plywood is simple supply and demand. You might store the pre-cut pieces of plywood from the last major storm or Hurricane, but over time, it will warp and need replacing when thousands of other people have the same problem.

The inventor of the Storm Stopper, John Smith, invented this Plywood alternative coming to the Shark Tank in Episode 610 that solves all these problems and many more. One of the biggest advantages using the Storm Stoppers is the time required to protect each window once previously installed. You can re-install an average window in about a minute saving you a lot of precious time for other tasks.

Perhaps the biggest advantage using Storm Stoppers plywood alternative is the added protection. How many pieces of plywood do you need to stack together to stop a 2x4 fired from a cannon from going threw it? I have no idea, but a piece of plywood offers zero protection and no resistance whatsoever. On the other hand, a single piece of Storm Stoppers 3/8" plywood alternative easily protects the entire window without a scratch.

This video demonstrates Storm Stoppers superior strength when compared with plywood sheets during Hurricane conditions.

The Storm Stoppers was also seen on my favorite morning show CNBC the summer of 2008 as Hurricane Gustav was approaching. Along with several other benefits shown during the interview, it also states Storm Stoppers has already done over $10 million in sales since January 2005.

A lot of businesses go on the Shark Tank Show because of the connections the Sharks have established with big box retailers, and their success getting new products on the shelves. Having a superior product compared to plywood for protecting your windows, it would seem stores like Home Depot and Lowe's would seem like a natural fit, right?

Well, John has another way selling the Storm Stoppers that doesn't involve any large big box retailers whatsoever. The Storm Stopper plywood alternative instead is sold directly to the consumer and smaller retail stores paying upfront for this superior product. Hopefully, Smith has given this strategy a little more thought before going into the Shark Tank, but either way, it will still require a considerable investment which was his main concern in the first place.

Storm Stoppers before the Shark Tank Update

There's no question this is a superior product than using plywood during a Hurricane for many very good reasons. The main problem the Sharks might have investing in the Storm Stoppers is waiting for the next Hurricane coming our way. If John can convince the Sharks this product still brings in plenty of sales with or without a major storm in the news, that will certainly be a big positive.

Another market for this alternative plywood would be replacing plywood sheets during the construction of the outer walls in certain areas. It's nice knowing a 2x4 can't go through the windows, but not comforting knowing that same 2x4 can easily go right through the wall. Educating contractors on up-selling Hurricane proof walls using the Storm Stopper plywood alternative could potentially be a huge untapped market for this product.

Watch the Storm Stoppers on Shark Tank's 100th Episode this Friday night.

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  1. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I wonder if it meets Texas Windstorm standards. For windstorm insurance you must have hurricane window treatments, even if they are not actually on the building all the time.

  2. Sam Klein10:28 PM

    There is a product made by called Astroguard that is already in Home Depot and Lowe's. It passes 100 MPH impact tests with a 2X4 twice the weight of this product and folds up in a storage bag. It's also cheaper.

  3. industrial grade Coroplast typically used on green houses and solariums with industrial grade Velcro a drill and a jigsaw... the stuff is tough and light in weight. I personally covered 60,000 square feet of greenhouse roofs and side walls with it when it was first on the market in the late 70s and it is just now reaching it's serviceable life end.

    I also built a solar panel type water tempering system using it as a glazing product and a distribution
    vehicle that increased the well water temperature winter temp of 52 degrees to 73 degrees allowing the green house to turn over plant 25% faster (on average).. The material is very adaptable to a variety of applications even for a non-handyman like me.


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