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Q-Flex on Shark Tank

QFlex Acupressure Device - Episode 614 - 12-12-2014

Pressure point devise
With the Q-Flex Acupressure
you can easily reach any
pressure point.
 The Q-Flex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool is coming to the Shark Tank with an invention we can all enjoy during this Holiday Season. Andrea Cao might only be 13 years old, but when it comes to knowing vital pressure points throughout the body, she's already become an expert.

All the technology going into designing the Q-Flex is based on ancient Chinese medicine and the knowledge passed down using acupressure to eliminate pain in particular areas of the body. With the help of Andrea's mom Hong, together they will try convincing the Sharks this new acupressure design is worthy of a Shark Tank investment.

The first question lots of people might have is where the heck are all our pressure points located? Fortunately, this rather young entrepreneur mastering this old ancient Chinese art has put together diagrams on the website with instructions using the Q-Flex. You gradually apply and release pressure applied to a pressure point for a few minutes at a time. The design of the QFlex Acupuncture allows you to reach every pressure point on your entire body with ease.

Q Flex Acupressure Review's before Shark Tank Appearance

The Q-Flex website looks to be brand new and gearing up for this season's Shark Tank Christmas Episode. There is an older site for this product hosted at web.com, but the new site located at QFlexAcupuncture.com is now the Official site from what I can tell at this time. There is little to go on from the new website so far and even less on FaceBook and Twitter.

A picture Andrea recently posted online was several boxes of the Q-Flex product ready to sell. She didn't mention the quantity that was just delivered, but clearly gearing up with plenty of product on hand for the Shark Tank Christmas Special Episode.



  1. I need this product today!!!

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM

    How can I purchase? I know there isn't a website built yet, but would love to buy one for my husband for Christmas!

    1. you can buy it at http://getqflex.com

    2. Thanks Ruthie for posting Q-Flex new website address.
      I made the changes above :-)

      Andrea that was an excellent presentation you did on the Shark Tank Show. Congratulation's on making a terrific deal!

  3. i really need it! how can I buy it?

    Lilly R Los Angeles, California, USA

  4. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Where can I buy it? Cincinnati, OH

  5. Anyone know how the q-flex compares with similar products?
    (backnobber ii, theracane , body back buddy, etc)

    The others seem to have been around for a while, and even have accessories (nobcessory) but maybe the q-flex is better engineer'd?

  6. I ordered one the night the show aired (12/12/14) and it still hasn't shipped. They can't tell me when it will. Be careful.

  7. Anonymous2:08 PM

    My wife ordered it for me for Christmas and then got a notice that it will NOT be available....but would ship later.

  8. I also ordered one of these right after the show aired and it's now Jan 2,2014. What the heck????


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