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 Custom Stuffed Animals - Episode 629 - April 10, 2015

Custom Stuffed Toys created from pictures
Budsies Custom Made
Stuffed Animals made from
any picture or drawing
 Imagine taking any drawing, sketch or photograph and turning it into a "One-Of-A-Kind" Stuffed Animal? Just the process of taking any 2-D picture and turning it into a 3-D product sounds like it would be expensive to produce. I was very surprised the cost of a Custom Budsies Stuffed Animal made from scratch was only $69 each.

The entrepreneur, artist, designer and toy maker behind the Budsies Custom Stuffed Animals is Alex Furmansky, who's appearing on the next Shark Tank this Friday night on ABC.

Alex has a rather interesting story how the Budsie's Stuffed Animals evolved into a product already in huge demand even before airing on the Shark Tank Show.
The initial idea grew from seeing picture's and drawings of his little sisters and thought it would be a great idea bringing her creations to life in the form of stuffed animals. That was in 2013 and over 8000 Custom Budsies later,  Alex is working his you know what off keeping up with demand.

Budsies Custom Stuffed Toys before Shark Tank Update

Can you imagine selling anything online whether it's a Shark Tank product or not, and  having to tell potential customers there's an 11 week wait getting your customized product made? Now just imagine that same product just found out they'll be "Featured on a Brand New Episode of the Shark Tank Show" when several million more potential customers will be watching. As of this writing, the Budsies website is showing an 11 week waiting time before starting on new orders that I do believe is a first for any Shark Tank product. How many weeks will be added to the waiting list after Episode 629 airs this Friday night 4/10/2015, should be a very, very interesting new number indeed. Word to the wise, get your orders placed as soon as possible for a Budsies Custom Stuffed Toy before this Episode airs!

What does an imaginary animal a child created when drawing and turned into a real stuffed animal mean to them? It's not just another stuffed animal, but a creation they first envisioned in their mind, and now it's a real life treasured toy. How cool is that?

Watch the Budsies Stuffed Animals on the Shark Tank this Friday night and see if this  customized product gets a deal with the Sharks.

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  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I placed an order with Budsies 19 weeks ago with a simple drawing of a dog- really straightforward. The promised turnaround time was 8 weeks, but I still haven't received it. After 10 weeks had passed, I emailed to check in and see how it was going. They replied that they were seeing some delays, nothing more. I asked about how long it might take, and they said, "Our current turnaround time is 9 weeks. Unfortunately, we are going to need another 6 weeks for your order." Somehow my 8 week estimate turned into 16 weeks, yet they're still quoting a lesser turnaround time to their customers. I spoke with the Director of Operations, and she apologized and offered me a $10 coupon toward my next Budsies order. That's great and everything, but what makes her think I'll return for another Budsies when I can't even get the first one? After 16 weeks and still no word, I am issued another apology from her, and told it will be another week and a half. This was 3 weeks ago, and of course, still no word and no Budsies. I can't believe it's taken nearly 5 months of waiting, but at this point I think I have to ask for a refund. Budsies is a nice idea in theory, but they simply can't meet their commitments and produce the product they're selling.

    1. I am currently in my 15th week of waiting. When I ordered, the wait time was stated as 9 weeks. When I inquire, the standard response that I get is "it's in production." They do not have a phone number to call to speak to a person. I have been blocked from their Facebook page for posting my inquiries there. Yes, it is a great concept - but, if you cannot deliver in the timeframe stated, then suspend taking orders until you can fulfill them on time. The design that I submitted is a simple cat. Posts on their Facebook page state that their Budsies were received in 6-7 weeks. These people ordered after me. What gives? I simply want an honest explanation from Budsies. To the poster above, did you ever receive your Budsie?

  2. Before i ordered a budsie i read a lot of bad reviews online. Most were about how the budsie creator did not capture the photo how the buyer wanted them to, or how the buyer was offended by the outcome. Let me just say THIS IS FOR CHILDREN. Kids art is oddly creative and the budsie is not supposed to be perfect... Just like your childs art. Be aware they will not perfect the drawing for you, it is interpereted exactly as it is drawn. I loved this about our budsie, it was made imperfect and original. The stitching and all of the pieces were well made, nothing is falling off. We recieved a birth certificate, constant notifications about the status of our budsie and one of the designers even contacted me personally to clarify on one of the colors on my son's drawing. However, when you place your order know that it will take a few weeks for the budsie to arrive but honestly think about what they're doing. Wouldn't you want them to take their time? It cost about 70$ after shipping and handling, I think it would be wise to offer coupons but the price wasen't completely unrealistic. I have ordered our second budsie and have/would reccomend this company to friends and family.


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