EZ-Pee-Z Potty Seat

EZPeeZ on Shark Tank

 Toilet Training Potty Seat - Episode 706 - October 16, 2015

 The Ez-Pee-Z Toilet Seat looks like most toilet seats on the market, but with a built-in surprise that could revolutionize this entire industry. O.K., maybe not the "entire toilet seat industry", but certainly family's with small children and every public toilet seat in existence. Perhaps the best way describing the EZ Peez toilet seat is it is adjustable depending on your size. With a quick flip of the lid, little people have a more convenient seat while potty training to use a standard sized toilet.

The inventor of the EZ-Pee-Z toilet seat is Brian Kleinschmidt, who'll be appearing on the next Shark Tank Episode 706 this Friday night. By all accounts, it looks like Brian took his Ezpeez invention into the Shark Tank with little more than a prototype and a million dollar "Flip Your Lid" idea. It's not the first invention appearing on the Shark Tank Show without a product currently for sale, but what makes this interesting is how fast Ez-Pee-Z is "now" beginning to show signs of life. In fact, the video posted below is the only video demonstrating "How to use the EZPeeZ" recently published less than a week ago.

EZ-Pee-Z before Shark Tank Episode 706

In several ways, the EZPeez Toilet Seat is unique to most other Shark Tank products seen on the Show. Obviously, the multi-sized toilet seat is a unique idea, but so is the "proof of concept" done prior to becoming an Official Shark Tank Product. As near as I can tell, EZ-PeeZ has never proved the concept or the price-point customers are willing to pay for a customized toilet seat. Even on the website there's no clue how much the EzPeez toilet seat costs or when it will be available to buy. You can however, subscribe to the newsletter with updates and pre-order information as it becomes available.

After visiting the brand new social media accounts for EZPeez.com and the brand new video just released, it's as if Brian put the product on the back burner after his Shark Tank Audition. Now after beating the incredible odds getting on the Shark Tank with just a prototype, Kleinschmidt is gearing up to take full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The EZPeeZ.com site's already proudly displaying an "As Seen on ABC Shark Tank" which is always a good sign before their Episode airs. Now if we can only find out how much the toilet training potty seats cost during the pre-order stage, well that also would be a good sign.

EZ-Pee-Z Website


  1. Not to rain on anyone's parade - However, a couple years ago, my wife and I bought a seat from Home Depot which has a built in kid seat. Personally, I prefer the way the one we have works. Bonus - it was the sane price as the other seats on the shelf.

    I wish the inventor the best. I just wonder if he knows he has competition.

  2. I like this I would buy 2 or three of them

  3. Wow, I think the sharks missed a great investment. As a grandparent, I would put this on my toilet.

  4. I love this idea. I bought the one from Home Depot that McpDontknow mentions, and it's great, but it has its issues with staying attached or the magnet falling out. But I love that one, too. I would definitely try this product if it comes to market, especially if it has licensing with, say, movie character decals, nick jr. characters, personalization, etc. I hope it gets off the ground!

  5. Well, since he had an approved patent it will be interesting in seeing how long your Home Depot bought see has issues.

  6. I think you have to *hit or get off the ez-pee-z! Just a potty mouth joke. I really think this is a wonderful idea and even if the sharks did not act- you should move forward. Im on a budget, but I was looking on line to buy one, I think people with young children would love this item.


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