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Simply Fit Balance Board on Shark Tank

 Balance Board with a Twist - Episode 708 - 11/6/2015

Balance Boards with a Twist
Simply Twist Balance Board With A Twist
Appearing on the Next
Shark Tank Episode 708
 Trying to describe what the Simply Fit Board is, is a little difficult because it has a twist. In fact, the Simply Fit Board coming to the next Shark Tank Show in Episode 708 has lot's of twists when it comes to simple workouts using your entire body. Spending just ten minutes a day twisting around on this patented new Shark Tank product will improve your balance, strengthen your core and trim the waistline all at the same time.

The Co-Creators of the Simply Fit Boards is Gloria Hoffman, and Her Mom Linda Clark from Lamar, Colorado, who will appear together on the next Shark Tank Show in Episode 708, November 6, 2015. The best way to learn how this Balance Board with a Twist keeps you Simply Fit is watching Gloria's recently published video. Once you get the basic twisting down, the Mother and Daughter team has over thirty more videos filled with creative workouts designed exclusively for the Simply Fit Board.

The testimony's for the Simply Fit Board range in ages from four years old to over 65 years young and they all say the same thing, "The Twisting Balance Board gives you a great workout and will simply keep you physically fit.

Simply Fit Boards before Shark Tank Episode 708

I just Favorited one of the coolest mini videos about Simply Fit Boards on Twitter that I've ever seen for any Shark Tank product. As Ryan "Cowboy" Ehmann who's also from Colorado and also in the fitness industry would say, "Now That's What I'm Talking About". Gloria and Linda has an entire team working overtime getting ready for the Shark Tank Effect soon heading their way. Does it look like a Shark Investor (or two) might already be involved in the Simply Fit Boards? We'll have to wait until this Friday night when Episode 708 first airs to know for sure. But by the looks of that video, Hoffman and Clark obviously made a substantial recent investment in inventory just before becoming an "Official Shark Tank Product".

Considering the amount of product Simply Fit Boards has before the Shark Tank, surprisingly, the product's currently unavailable on their Amazon page. The Simply Fit Balance Board wisely (If for anything other reason, the additional online rankings and reviews from satisfied prime customers) added this product for Amazon's loyal the Brand customers on October of last year. Each of the four colors the twisting boards have a page on (red, blue, green and bright magenta) all have one comment each, and all are only showing one 5 Star review. The Sharks know the "added value" having product's available on the biggest online marketplace, especially prior to its Shark Tank appearance. But for whatever the reason(s), Simply Fit Boards is still currently unavailable on its Amazon Store Front page at this time.

Only 44.95 plus shipping costsI find it interesting they jumped through all the hoops necessary getting new products accepted on Amazon Prime, (You ship bulk product directly to their warehouses, and Amazon fulfills the order with Free 2 Day Shipping) but seem content on keeping the shop page open with no inventory and a lack of credible, unbiased reviews. Hard telling how many more positive reviews (not to mention the additional orders) Simply Fit Boards would already have if they only had a product to buy on the largest online retailers site.

Currently, the Simply Fit Board's are available directly from the website for only $44.95 each plus approx. $10.95 shipping costs. When it comes to a new workout piece of equipment, that's certainly a reasonable price thousands of Shark Tank Fans will pay for a Simply Fit way to stay in shape.

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  1. The shipping is takes at LEAST 5 week to receive your order. SHARKS ...where are you to help this company out???????????
    I ordered MINE December 28, 2015...Today JANUARY 15, 2016....still no product!!!!

    1. Hi, when we came back in stock on December 28th, we were taking pre-orders, and posted the shipping dates for your order on the website, order page and confirmation email so you would know exactly when to expect your order. We are able to produce 10,000 boards a week and in 2 days received over 30,000 orders, so they couldn't all be shipped the next week. That is why we were so specific as to exactly when your order would ship right up front so that if you couldn't wait, you didn't have to go to checkout. We have shipped all orders in the time promised at the time of order. I'm not sure where you heard 5 weeks? We were at most 3 weeks out because of the rush of orders. And now we are 1 week out. Sorry you missed all of the dates. If you go to our website now at www.simplyfitboard.Com you will see the ship date range is still on there...thanks for your order, Gloria

  2. How does it ship? Does UPS or FedEx deliver it or does the post office deliver it. I only like to use UPS Ground or FedEx as post office as mis-delivered two online purchases recently.

  3. I didn't have any problems with shipping. Ordered it through Amazon and got it within 5 days.

  4. i love to do morning workout with simply fit board. we can easily order via amazon and got in 2-3 days. this is great gifts idea too :P


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