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Glow Recipe Skin Care

Glow Recipe on Shark Tank

Korean Beauty Products - Episode 714 - December 4, 2015

Korean Beauty Products
Glow Recipe "Korean Beauty Products"
seen on
Shark Tank Episode 714

(This was the only "real" hint before the Show)
 With a slogan like "Get Your Glow On" the Glow Recipe Korean Beauty Products is going to light up the Shark Tank in Episode 714 with their online curated cosmetics business. All the Glow Recipe beauty products are all-natural and harsh-free using natural ingredients found around the world. Some of the ingredients that guarantee to "get your glow on" include Organic Sea Calp, Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum, Yellow Citrus and Honey, Tree Tea and even a Charcoal Rubber Mask to detoxify your skin.

The entrepreneur's who travel the world looking for new products to add to the Glow Recipe Korean Beauty Products is Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, who'll both be appearing this Friday night on the next Shark Tank in Episode 714. Combined both Chang and Lee have 20 years experience working beauty industry testing thousands of ingredients with one common goal, to making your skin naturally glow. Considering how long both entrepreneurs have been in the beauty industry, I'd have to say the products obviously work because neither looks a day over 20 years old.

The video below is an interview with Sarah and Christine going into great detail about hydrating, toners, moisturizers and the list goes on. Who would've thought it takes this many products to come up with the perfect glow recipe just for your skin?

Glow Recipe Reviews before Shark Tank Episode 714

It doesn't happen often, but I'm not sure if the Glow Recipe Business wants to create their own brand of beauty products or promote other brands, or a combination of both. If I had to guess before Shark Tank Episode 714 is on TV, it looks like Glow Recipe travels the world looking for other beauty care products that are in-line with their mission to "get your glow on" and add to the website store. Both Christine Chang and Sarah Lee are clearly expert's in this field as evidenced from all their You-Tube Videos covering a wide variety of glowing skin care tips and tricks, but no mention of formulating the skin care products themselves.

O.K. after a little more researching it looks like Glow Recipe sends all the products through a curation process from vetting the company and ingredients used, to a three-month process using panel testing on several different skin types. Only then does a new brand get introduced on the Glow Recipe website. That's an interesting business model for a new Shark Tank product, in fact, I believe it's the first time ever seen on the Show. I can't wait to hear the numbers Christine and Sarah are doing on this recommendation based testing website/ online store.

Glow Recipe Website
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