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Wondercide Natural

Wondercide Natural Shark Tank

Natural Pest Control Products For Pets - Episode 725 - March 18, 2016

All Natural Pest Control Products for Pets
 The first thing I noticed on the Wondercide All Natural Products website was a big picture of the owners getting ready for their Shark Tank appearance in Episode 725. In fact, both Stephanie Boone, and Laura Alter, the entrepreneurs behind the Wondercite Brand, will be hosting a Live Shark Tank viewing party on FaceBook during this episode 725.

Natural Products for Pets
Wondercide Natural Flea and Tick Spray
seen on the Shark Tank in Episode 725
Another thing that instantly gets your attention while scrolling down the Wondercide home page is convenient package's of products proudly displayed under the headline "What You Saw On Shark Tank". We haven't even started on what makes the Wondercide Natural Products unique yet, but I already like how Stephanie and Laura are getting ready for their Shark Tank appearance. Standing in their little boat surrounded by Sharks, what could possibly go wrong inside the Shark Tank?

How the Wondercide All-Natural Pest Control products grew from a single product into an entire brand of pet care products can be seen in the video below. I'm not going to give away the Ah-Ha moment Stephanie had thinking about her dog Luna and a cedar chest, but it certainly makes a lot of sense, and now real dollars after this episode of the Shark Tank is seen on TV.

Wondercide Product Reviews before Shark Tank Episode 725

The first two things that become abundantly clear about Wondercide's products listed on Amazon is number one this new Shark Tank Business has over 200 products listed. The other and more important fact is the majority of Wondercide Natural Cedar Products has an extremely high Star Rating with hundreds of positive comments. The Vet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray alone has over 2500 customer reviews boasting a 4 Star overall Rating.

Watch Wondercide on the Shark Tank Show this Friday night, March 18th, and learn more how a single pest control product for pets product is turning into a national brand.

Here's a rather long description found on the site.

Natural & Organic Flea & Tick "Spot Drops" Replacement Kit for Dogs of All Ages, Sizes & Breeds | Protect Your Pets without Poison! Replace Chemical Pesticide "Spot Ons," "Flea Drops" & Pills & Enjoy a Pest-Free Yard With No Mosquitoes | Kit Contains: 16oz Cedar + Lemongrass Scent Evolv Natural Flea (Treats 1-4 Pets Per Month), Tick & Mosquito Spray for Dogs and 16oz EcoTreat Outdoor Natural Pest Control Concentrate (for Lawns up to 1/4 Acre) | The Keys to Natural Flea, Tick & Mosquito Control: 1) Treat Where Your Pets Live & Play to Eliminate Fleas & Ticks at the Source, 2) Protect Your Pet When You're Out & About Exposed to New Fleas & Ticks | Evolv Flea Spray Kills Fleas & Ticks on Contact & EcoTreat Eliminates the FULL Lifecycle of Pests in Your Lawn - the SOURCE of Your Fleas Because All Pests Come from Outside | Use Hose-End Sprayer to Apply 8oz EcoTreat Dilution 2x in 1 Week for First Treatment of Active Pests (to ensure destruction of all egg stages), then 6oz Dilution for Preventative Maintenance Every 30-45 Days for Ongoing Natural Pest Prevention | Use Evolv as Needed to Kill & Repel Fleas & Ticks on Pets, Bedding, Flooring & Furniture Wondercide Website


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