C0-Alition Backpacks


CoAlition Backpacks on Shark Tank

Smart Backpacks - Episode 716 - January 29, 2016

Smart Backpacks
Coalition "Smart" Backpacks
appearing on the
Shark Tank in Episode 716
this Friday night
 The Co-Altion Smart Backpacks is appearing on the next Shark Tank in Episode 716 and created around a single idea, "The Evolution of Carry". Sure, the backpack evolution's always changing with new types of fabrics and material, but what sets the CoAltion Backpack's apart from the competition is they're smart, very smart. For starters, the CoAlition has a "smart charging power system" built right into the backpack that charges itself and another device at the same time while plugged into any wall outlet.

The smart backpacks also have a built-in Wireless Hard Drive for carrying all your non-physical products. How smart is the Co-Altion Backpacks compared to the less intelligent packs on the market? Well, it was smart enough to become an Official Shark Tank product even though the owners are also owners of another competing backpack brand.

The entrepreneurs behind the Coaltion "Smart" Backpacks is Jeff Popp and Casey Lorenzen from Golden, Colorado, who'll both be appearing on the next Shark Tank Episode 716 this Friday night, January 29, 2016. While Popp and Lorenzen already had lots of experience building another backpack brand, (I'll get into that later) they started the Co-Altion Brand from scratch on Kickstarter that successfully ended September 2014, with over $50,000.00 from 189 financial backers.

Here's a short video of the Colfax Smart Pack from CoAltion Backpacks demonstrating all it's unique features built into the pack.

Shefit Sports Bra


Shefit Sports Bra on Shark Tank

Adjustable Sports Bra - Episode 716 - January 29, 2016

Fully Adjustable Sports Bra seen on Shark Tank
SheFit Fully Adjustable Sports Bra
appearing on the next
Shark Tank in Episode 716
 The Shefit Adjustable Sports Bra is coming to the Shark Tank this Friday night with a clear stated mission. To completely redesign and change the entire sports bra market. Sara Moyan and her husband Bob from Jenison, Michigan, will appear together in Shark Tank Episode 716 with their scientifically designed She Fit Sports Bra development for the past ten years. Sara's a Top World Ranked Fitness Competitor and former Miss Teen Michigan and Mrs. Michigan. Keeping in shape has always been apart of her life and so was the lack of a properly fitted adjustable sports bra.

Grant it, the only thing I know about this Shark Tank products market is they usually come in alphabetical size. The Shefit Sports Bra, however, is fully customizable with 15" adjustable straps and built-in compression and encapsulation for the perfect fit. Or as the Shefit website says, "Regardless of size, may your twins rejoice". The one-size-fits-all sports bra prevents excessive bounce during all types of physical fitness workouts that leads to sagging over time.

The best way to learn all about this new scientifically proven sports bra is from Sara Moyan in the video from Forbes Living posted in July 2015. After watching this video, it looks like Sara's a natural fit for Shark Tank Lori Greiner's QVC Show. There's no way Lori will let Sara and Bob walk out of the Shark Tank without making a deal for the Shefit Sports Bra IMO.

IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner Coolers


IcyBreeze on Shark Tank

Portable Air Conditioner Coolers - Episode 716 - 1/29/2016

IcyBreeze Episode 716
 The Icy Breeze portable air conditioner is the coolest outdoor product ever seen on the Shark Tank, literally. Almost everyone spending any amount of time in the outdoors owns at least a few coolers, but how many have a cooler that also turns the ice into a portable air conditioner blowing cold air at 25 MPH? Until this new Episode 716 of the Shark Tank was announced, I never heard about the IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner and Coolers. But it took about two seconds figuring out this is a "must-have product" for our collection of Shark Tank products.

Icy Breeze Cooler seen on Shark Tank Show
IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner/ Coolers
available in several different colors
The three entrepreneurs demonstrating the IcyBreeze on the Shark Tank next Friday night, 1/29/2016, is Jason Shackleford, Dave Yonce, and Andrew Jenkins from Bixby, OK. According to the Shark Tank previews for this episode 716, they've spent a staggering amount of money getting the IcyBreeze developed and ready to sell. Exactly how much they've invested in Icy Breeze Coolers so far remains to be seen until after this episode airs, but by the looks of the YouTube video below, it has to be well into the seven figures.

2400 Expert


2400 Expert on Shark Tank

Perfect SAT and ACT Test Scores - Episode 716 - 1/29/2016

Perfect SAT and ACT Test Scores
2400 Expert appearing on
"The Most Watched Shark Tank Episode Ever"
January 29, 2016
 The 2400 Expert is coming to the Shark Tank in Episode 716 with two primary goals. The first obvious goal is getting the Sharks to invest in the 2400 Expert SAT and ACT test preparation books and classes held around the country.

The other goal Shaan Patel, the owner of 2400 Expert SAT Prep, wants to accomplish is setting the record for "The Most Viewers Watching Any Episode of the Shark Tank". In fact, the 2400 Expert with a perfect SAT score wants to give away $100,000.00 to help make Episode 716 the most-viewed episode ever on the Shark Tank. Currently, the most watched Episode stands at 8.6 million viewers from Season 4. 

Let's help make this new Shark Tank Contestant's "Dream Come True" for the thought and effort of thinking outside the box. 

To help Shaan Patel break the "All Time Shark Tank Viewer's Record" He's asking All Shark Tank Fan's to use the hashtag #BreakTheRecord referring to this Episode 716 on January 29, 2016.

Shark Tank Episode 716


Shark Tank Episode 716

Next Brand New Episode January 29, 2016

The Shark Tank Episode 716 is taking this week off from releasing a brand new episode this Friday night, January 22, 2016, and instead will re-air Episode 708 from November 6, 2015.

What's On The Shark Tank in Episode 716?

  • The next brand new Shark Tank Show's press release feature's a student from Las Vegas, Nevada that achieved a perfect S.A.T. Score and wants to turn his system into a business. 2400 Expert, Shaan Patel. 

  • Another pitch will be from a husband and wife from Jenison, MI, that's created the perfect sports bra. Shefit Sports Bra

  • Two entrepreneurs from Denver, CO want to sell the Sharks on a high-tech backpack company but plan on keeping their lucrative other backpack company for themselves. Does this ever work on the Shark Tank Show? Co-Alition Smart Back Packs

  • A serial entrepreneur and his two business partners from Bixby, OK have invested a staggering amount of money on a cooling appliance for outdoor use. The IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner Coolers.

Shark Tank Success Update in Episode 716

Chapul Cricket Bars owner Pat Crowley from Salt Lake City, Utah made a deal with Mark Cuban in his crunchy cricket energy bars in Season 5. How much money has the Chapul Cricket Bars made since becoming a Shark Tank product?

Beard King Bib


The Beard King on Shark Tank

Beard Bib and Beard Oils- Episode 707 - January 15, 2016

Beard Bib and Beard Oils
The Beard King Bib
appearing on the next
Shark Tank in Episode 707
January 15, 2016
 The Beard King is a bib for your beard when it's time to shave. No more having facial hair clogging up the sink, the Beard King coming to the next Shark Tank in Episode 707 has finally solved this problem once and for all. How do you make a beard bib that doesn't get in the way? It's simple really. All you do is apply the suction cups built into the Beard King directly to the bathroom mirror and let the beard bib do the rest. Now why didn't I think of that?

The entrepreneur's who'll be demonstrating The Beard King on the next Shark Tank this Friday night in Episode 707 is Nicholas and Alessia Galekovic. The soon-to-be Shark Tank Celebrity Stars posted the "How to use the Beard Bib by Beard King" video posted below five months ago with a large spike in views compared to the other videos. Sure, it might look a little dorky wearing a bib while shaving your beard or mustache, but the cleanup factor alone certainly makes a lot of sense.

Village Scholarships


Village Scholarships on Shark Tank

Scholarship - Match-Making Crowdfunding - Episode 707 - January 15, 2016

Match Making/ Crowdfunding Scholarships
Village Scholarships
appearing on the
Shark Tank in Episode 707

 What do you get when combining a Crowdfunding, Match-Making and a Scholarship website together? You get the Village Scholarship's that's coming to the next Shark Tank in Episode 707 this Friday night. The Village Scholarships took the best parts of all three online businesses and created a more enjoyable way applying for scholarships and donating to various types of awards.

The entrepreneurs presenting Village Scholarships to the next Brand New Shark Tank is Antonio Adams and (twin sister) Tasha Adams. Antonio's been on a mission to transform the entire Scholarship process after losing two major athletic scholarship's due to injuries. With no way to pay for college without the athletic scholarship awards, and now growing student debt loans, Adam's was determined to make sure no other students would financially suffer struggling just to graduate from school. The first order of business would be making the College Scholarship process Fun for all parties involved.

Hatch Baby


Hatch Baby Changing Pad on Shark Tank

Smart Baby Changing Pad - Episode 707 - 1/15/2015

Smart Changing Pad and App
Hatch Baby
Smart Changing Pad with App
coming to the
Shark Tank in Episode 707
 The Hatch Baby is a smart baby changing station controlled by an App on your smartphone. How smart is this baby changing station appropriately named the "Hatch Baby"? Well, after this next Episode of the Shark Tank Show on ABC this Friday night, all new parents would be smart learning how the Hatch Baby can help hatch their babies using a variety of built-in technical advancements.

The inventors of the Hatch Baby "Smart Changing Pad" is David and Ann-Crady Weiss, who will appear together on the next Shark Tank in Episode 707. Sure, we all know what a changing pad is when it comes to babies, but with the Hatch Baby, you can also keep track of your baby's weight, sleeping habits, feedings and diaper changes directly from the smartphone App. Yes, the Hatch Baby's even smart enough to know how much breast milk has been consumed or how much has been eaten at any given time.

Hatch Baby before Shark Tank Appearance

Fixed Parking Ticket App


Fixed App on Shark Tank

Fix Parking Ticket App - Episode 707 - January 15, 2016

Fix Parking Tickets App
Fixed.com Parking Ticket App
appearing on the next
Shark Tank Show in Episode 707
 Got a parking or speeding ticket? Did you know there's an "App for that" called the Fixed App you can use for free (in supported areas) and potentially get the traffic ticket reduced or dismissed? Here's how it works. The first thing you do is take a picture of the parking ticket with your smartphone and send it to Fixed via the App. The Fixed App automatically goes to work searching for common mistakes on the citation, along with writing a customized contest letter specifically for that ticket. Fixed App then logs onto Google Street View and goes to the location where the alleged offense occurred and checks if the proper signage is in place. If the newest Shark Tank App thinks it has a good chance getting your ticket reduced or dropped altogether, (has a 90% success rate) you're only charged 25% of the original parking or speeding ticket.

The Founder of Fixed App is David Hegarty, from San Francisco, California, who will be appearing on the Shark Tank by himself during Episode 707 this Friday night, 1/15/2016. David first founded the Fixed Ticket App in 2013, and so far, raised over $1.8 in funding even before his Shark Tank appearance. The business models primary source of income was (I'll get to the "was part" a little later) based on charging a small handling fee that make's it easy paying your ticket through the App, or a 25% fee based on any traffic ticket the Fixed App successfully gets dismissed. For instance, if you're facing a $400.00 ticket that Fixed got dismissed, you'd only pay $100 for their services.

Because each city handles traffic and parking tickets differently, the Fixed Parking Ticket App first focused on San Francisco to prove the concept. Hengarty quickly mastered the San Francisco area before expanding into the Oakland and eventually Los Angeles within two years time. The grand plan already having the investment funding to expand from several A+ Venture Capitalist's including Shark Tank investors Robert Herjevic and Guest Shark Chris Sacca, (that's my prediction for Episode 707) is bringing the app to 100 other cities soon.

The Fixed Parking App was becoming an enormous success as word was spreading how this parking app was beating the system at its own game. It's a Win-Win-Lose for all parties involved.

EZPZ Happy Mat


EZPZ Happy Mat on Shark Tank

Children's Place Mat - Episode 715 - 1/8/2016

Placemat and Plate Combonation
EZPZ Happy Mat's
appearing on the
Shark Tank in Episode 715
This Friday Night 
  What do you get when combining a plate and a placemat? Why you get the EZPZ Happy Mat that's coming to the Shark Tank this Friday night in Episode 715. The EZPZ Happy Mat's designed for youngster's known to be a little messy when it comes to eatingor should I say keeping their food on the plate instead of the floor. When combining the bowls and plates directly in the placemat or food tray, along with suction cups holding everything in its place, the EZPZ Happy Mat helps eliminate accidental (or intentional) spills when kids are doing what they do best, playing.

The entrepreneur and mother of three boys that invented the EZPZ Happy Mat's out of necessity is Lindsey Laurain, from Parker, Colorado, who'll be appearing on the Shark Tank in this Episode 715. The all-in-one Happy Mat's made with 100% silicone molded into a big happy face all children seem to enjoy. After proving the design concept using her children that were the inspiration behind the product, Lindsey took the EZPZ Happy Mat to Kickstarter to prove the concept there was a "need" for an all-in-one food tray that sticks to the surface.

The EZPZ Happy Mat successfully raised over $72,000.00 from 1,568 financial backers from Kickstarter on September 27, 2014. By all accounts, the entire campaign went

Controlled Chaos


Controlled Chaos Hair Care on Shark Tank

Use Me Products - Episode 715 - January 8, 2016

Use Me Products Hair Salon products
Controlled Chaos "Use Me Products"
appearing on the
Shark Tank in Episode 715
 The Controlled Chaos is made by the "Use Me Products" professional Hair Salon from Portland, Maine. The owner and inventor of the Use Me Product line, is Alanna York, the developer of Controlled Chaos and also owns the Head Games Hair Salon for the past 15 years. What makes the Controlled Chaos popular with professional Hair Salons is turning frizzy hair into fabulous curly hair.

It looks like Alanna first took the "Use My Products" to a Shark Tank audition back in 2012, hoping to land a spot during Season 4. At that time, Use My Products was being marketed to Hair Salons with the refill-reuse-repeat way of resupplying the hair care products. Interestingly, the name "Controlled Chaos" is never mentioned during the audition tape. What's even more interesting is the Controlled Chaos product is currently still not mentioned anywhere on the website, yet that's the name being Branded during Shark Tank Episode 715.

Hungry Harvest


Hungry Harvest on Shark Tank

Ugly Produce Delivery Service - Episode 715 - January 8, 2016

Ugly Produce Delivery Service
Hungry Harvest
Ugly Produce Delivery Business
appearing on
Shark Tank in Episode 715
 Did you know the United States wastes over 6 billion pounds of produce every year? Not because the fruits and vegetables are no longer healthy to eat, but because they're ugly. Obviously, if you walk into any grocery store, all the produce is picture perfect in both color and size. But what happens to the other produce that's just as good but didn't make the grade and considered ugly to sell at retail prices? Fortunately, a new business by the name of Hungry Harvest is appearing on a brand new Shark Tank Episode 715 this Friday night with a solution to turn ugly produce into a successful money making venture.

The entrepreneur behind the Hungry Harvest Ugly Produce Subscription Service is Evan Lutz, who will appear by himself on this Episode of the Shark Tank. Evan started the Hungry Harvest in Baltimore, MD in May 2014, with a multi-tired mission turning ugly produce being thrown away into a successful business worthy of a Shark Tank appearance. At first, I wasn't sure what to think about this business model. Can you really take the biggest negative concerning your product and turn it into a positive with a little bit of reverse psychology?

Who cares if the fruits and vegetables are not the perfect color or size and maybe even a little ugly?



Spretz Spray on Shark Tank

Breath and Hand Freshener - Episode 715 - January 8, 2016

Breath and Hand Freshener
Spretz Me Breath and Hand Freshener
seen on
Shark Tank Episode 715

 The Spretz Me Spray is an all-natural breath and hand freshener coming to the Shark Tank in Episode 715 this Friday night, 1/8/2016. That's right, you first spray the Spretz.Me in your mouth eliminating bad breath with a cinnamon or peppermint fresh breath. You can then take the same Spretz Spray used for your breath and spray it directly on your hands getting rid of lingering smells from your body. According to the Spretz Spray's website, this all-natural solution works great covering up odors from cigarettes, cigars, cannabis, alcohol and strong foods related to bad breath and lingering odors.

The entrepreneur inventing the Spretz Spray is Tony Gauthier, who'll be appearing on the Shark Tank in Episode 715 with his business partners Wesley Osaze and Scott Hoag. Tony first created the Spretz.Me two-in-one breath and hand freshener back in 2012, before bringing in his new business partners and, I'm assuming, investment capital at the same time.

Unfortunately, after three years the Spretz Breath and Hand Spay doesn't seem to have gained much traction considering they landed a coveted spot on the Shark Tank Show.