Major Mom


Major Mom on Shark Tank

Professional Organizing Service - Episode 719 - February 5, 2016   

Professional Organizing Service
 The one and only Major Mom is coming to the Shark Tank this Friday night in Episode 719 with a clear mission helping you get organized, Military Style. Angela Cody-Rouget, "AKA Major Mom", is a professional organizer that custom designs an organizing system for a variety of clients ranging from busy families to professionals and businesses. The definition describing what Major Mom does is as follows:
"A professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and by transferring organizational skills. Professional organizers help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper, and their systems for life."
Before Major Mom started her organizing business, Cody-Rouget spent 16 years in the Air Force and was a real Major in the Military. Major Mom now runs a team of Organizing Liberators in Colorado and Arizona that'll help you get and stay organized. Angela's major goal is to get an investment on the Shark Tank Show to help grow her army of liberators and bring organization to the entire country one house at a time.

How much is the Major Mom's Liberator's trained like real soldiers? Well, according to this video the Major keeps Her troops in military order starting off with the Major Mom cadence call. I'm not sure if they'd make better soldiers or cheerleaders when it comes to the formation, but it is a catchy call.

Combat Flip Flops


Combat Flip Flops on Shark Tank

Flip Flops made with Combat Boots - Episode 719 - February 5, 2016

Flip Flops made with Combat Boots
Combat Flip Flops
appearing on the next
Shark Tank in Episode 719
 With a name like Combat Flip Flops I was prepared to learn about a combat boot style of flip flops appearing on the next Shark Tank in Episode 719 this Friday night. Instead, I learned the Combat Flip Flops are Bad for Running and even Worse For Fighting. In fact, the combat flip flops are not made for combat at all but instead are manufactured using traditional weapons of war to promote peace and the much needed jobs in the communities.

The owners of the Combat Flip Flops is Army Rangers Mathew Griffin and Donald Lee who'll both be appearing on the Shark Tank this Friday night February 5, 2016. With several tours in Afghanistan during the war, the Rangers learned first hand how hard-working and creative the locals are when it comes to work. One such business Griffin entered one day that would forever change his life was a combat boot factory inside Afghanistan. The story goes that "Griff" watched a flip-flip thong punched through a combat boot sole when the entrepreneurial lights went off. Later that same evening Mathew registered the domain name and immediately went to work creating the flip flops made with combat boots.

 The concept taking the Combat Flip Flops from an idea to a Successful Shark Tank product started with the locals making the flip-flops in Afghanistan and selling them across the world.

BearTek Gloves


BearTek on Shark Tank

Smart Gloves - Episode 719 - February 5, 2016

Smart Gloves for smartphones and GoPro cameras
BearTek Smart Gloves
appearing on the next
Shark Tank Episode 719
 The BearTek Gloves coming to the next Shark Tank stands for "Bluetooth Enabled Audio Regulation Technology" which simply means they're the smartest Ski, Snowboard and Motorcycle Gloves ever seen on the Show. How smart is the BearTek GlovesWell, imagine a quality-made glove any skier, snowboarder or motorcyclist would be proud to wear, and then add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology that controls your smartphone or GoPro without touching anything but your fingertips.

Smart Gloves
Bear Tek Gloves
Smart Snow Glove Kit

Once the smartphone's paired with the BearTek Gloves, you'll never need to take out the device from a secured pocket the rest of the day. Listen to your favorite songs and quickly skip or fast forward by tapping your thumb on a finger while wearing the Bear Tek Gloves. In fact, you can access several feature's on your smartphone or GoPro camera at any time by simply tapping your thumb on another finger while wearing these smart gloves.

The entrepreneur's who invented the BearTek Smart Gloves is Willie Blount and Tarik Rogers, who will be appearing on the next Shark Tank this Friday night in Episode 719. It looks like Willie's been developing the smart glove technology dating back to 2010 when first forming a company by the name of "Blue Infusion Technology". The mission statement was simple stating the business was started to develop a wearable technology product making it easier to control music while wearing gloves.

After watching this soon-to-be Shark Tank product in the video below, it's clear both Blount and Rogers have taken the BearTek Gloves Technology to an entirely brand new level that'll become "standard" wearable technology in the future.