Inch Bug on Shark Tank

 Adjustable Juice Box Holder and Labels- Episode 723 - April 22, 2016

Inch Bug MyDrinky and Orbit Labels
InchBug MyDrinky Cups and Orbit Labels
Seen on Shark Tank Episode 723
 If there were ever a new Shark Tank product already having a Shark's investment written all over it before a new episode's released, the InchBug Brand would be at the top of the list. Not only will the InchBug MyDrinky adjustable juice box holders and customized labels appear on the next Brand New Shark Tank in Episode 723 this Friday night, they just announced a deal with the national baby retail chain Buy Buy Baby.

The entrepreneur starting the InchBug Brand back in 2005, is Brenda Lee Feldman from Austin, Texas, who'll be appearing in this episode of the Shark Tank. Brenda Lee took her original invention of the Orbital Labels and turned it into a Brand now covering dozens of baby related products. The website already shows it's now an Official Shark Tank product and always good to see, with or without a Sharks investment. But in this case, there's something a little more polished than most websites and looks (at least to me) like the Sharks might already be involved with this company.

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Kid Runner


KidRunner on Shark Tank

Jogging Stroller - Episode 723 - April 22, 2016

Kid Runner Jogging Stroller
KidRunner Jogging Stroller
Seen on the Shark Tank in Episode 723
 The KidRunner is coming to the Shark Tank with a high-performance hands-free stroller for jogging and hiking. Now, why hasn't anyone thought of a hands-free jogging stroller before? No doubt, this invention's been tried in the past, but it took someone like Will Wayne from Bend, Oregon to perfect this clever lightweight design. The Kid Runner's unique design was awarded three different patents when it comes to the jogging stroller with an excellent opportunity to transform the entire industry. To compete in this billion dollar a year market, the Kidrunner will need what appears to be a gigantic investment from the Sharks.

Like several entrepreneurs appearing on the Shark Tank the Kid Runner first took the product to Kickstarter to prove the concept in April 2015. Interestingly, unlike most product's testing the invention on Kickstarter before appearing inside the Shark Tank, you couldn't buy the hands-free jogging stroller during the campaign. Well, let me take that back. For a $5000.00 pledge, you'd receive a First Edition Kid Runner along with a two day trip to Bend, Oregon.

Jarrett and Raja Magic Act


Jarrett and Raja Magic Show on Shark Tank

 Magic Magician and Pianist - Episode 723 - April 22, 2016

Magician and Pianist Magic Show
Jarrett and Raja Magic Show
appearing on the next
Shark Tank in Episode 723
 The Jarrett and Raja Magician and Piano Magic Act is appearing on the next Shark Tank in Episode 723 this Friday night. When it comes to where has Jarrett and Raja performed their magical music act to get the attention of the Shark Tank, it might be easier answering where haven't they preformed? Jarrett and Raja have been professionally performing together for over sixteen years that's taken them all around the world a few times over.

Jarrett the magician and Raja, the professional pianist, moved their act to Las Vegas in 2000 and started preforming at the Four Seasons and the Regent Hotel and Casino. From there the Magic Magician and Pianist spent years at a time in China and all around Asia performing their obviously entertaining magic show. In May of 2012, Jarrett and Raja auditioned for America's Got Talent where they made it in the Quarterfinals Round before being eliminated after several appearances. Now just four years later almost to the day, Jarrett & Raja will be appearing on the Shark Tank Show with the stage all to themselves.

Drip Drop Ice Cream Cone


Drip Drop on Shark Tank

Ice Cream Cone Attachment - Episode 723 - April 22, 2016

Ice Cream Cone Attachment
Drip Drop Ice Cream Cone Attachment
seen on the Shark Tank in Episode 723
 The Drip Drop Ice Cream Cone attachment is coming to the Shark Tank that solves a very real problem when eating ice cream. While everyone loves eating ice cream inside a waffle cone, it also makes a dripping mess in a short amount of time.  Ever since the waffle cone's invention, people have accepted the fact you're going to make a dripping mess as it drips down on the cone holder made out of paper. Surprisingly, after 100 years that was the best solution anyone could come up with for this messy problem. Well, thanks to two 10-year-old kids that love eating ice cream but dislikes the dripping mess, they've invented the ultimate solution that's becoming an Official Shark Tank product next Friday night.

The inventors of the Drip Drop Ice Cream Cone Attachment is Oliver Greenwald, and Sam Nassif from Denver, Colorado, who'll both be appearing on the next brand new Shark Tank in Episode 723. Oliver and Sam first invented the Drip Drop five years ago in 2011 at The Gate's Invention Program they attended when only ten years old. One year later, the young entrepreneurs took the Drip Drop back to the Gate's Invention Program with their refined prototype and won 2nd place in the competition that included the money needed to hire a patent attorney. In 2015, Sam and Oliver was granted a U.S. Design Patent guaranteeing them exclusive rights for the edible ice cream cone attachment.

Coolbox Toolbox


Cool Box on Shark Tank

Smartest Toolbox in the World - Episode - April 8, 2016

Smartest Toolbox in the World
The CoolBox Toolbox coming to the
Shark Tank in Episode 728
 If you could design the world's smartest and coolest tool box imaginable, it would take lot's of imagination coming up with something cooler than the CoolBox appearing on the next Shark Tank Show in Episode 728. The Cool  Box claims to be the Smartest Toolbox in the World that'll not only hold all your tools but also has a built-in LED Lighting System, Bluetooth Speakers, Clock, USB Ports, Power Cord with 3-Way Splitter and an Internal Battery powering the entire box.

The Coolbox Toolbox entrepreneurs Chris Stoikos, and Jason Neubauer will be demonstrating the smartest toolbox on the Shark Tank on the next Brand New Episode 728 this Friday night, April 8, 2016. The Coolbox first launched with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo just a little over a year ago when the campaign successfully ended March 27, 2015. With a reasonable $50,000.00 goal to kick start the Cool Box into production, the campaign attracted enough financial backers to reach this financial goal in a matter of days.