Pete and Pedro


Pete and Pedro on Shark Tank

Men's Hair Styling Products - Episode 726 - May 20, 2016

  If the odds going on the Shark Tank are 1-in-10,000, then what are they getting on the Shark Tank Show a second time with a brand new product? In this Episode 726, Aaron Marino from Alpha M seen in Season 4 and now Pete & Pedro Hair Styling products will become the third contestant in Shark Tank History to achieve this feat.

The first time Aaron was on the Show He only sold one single product for his manscaping videos even after millions of dollars worth of advertising that's usually associated with the Shark Tank. It's hard to believe any product seen on the Show could only sell a single product, but in Marino's own words in his "My Shark Tank Video" that's exactly what happened. It's not that his manscaping techniques wasn't a good idea, it just needed a different platform to become successful. When I wrote the article for his My Shark Tank Video back in September 2015, I mentioned Marino had over 730,000 YouTube subscribers. Now just eight months later, Alpha M has over 1.4 million subscribers and still growing his audience fast. Especially after a second Shark Tank appearance.

The Pete and Pedro Men's Hair Styling products was founded by Marino and bears the names of both his Father Pete and Mother Pedro. The donkey used in the Pete & Pedro logo is because Aaron raised miniature donkeys as a child, and, well, He still likes them. Why else would you include a hairy donkey on a logo for a Men's Hair Styling Brand? One thing is for sure; Aaron Marino certainly has a sense of humor when it comes to creating his brands.

PMS Bites


PMS Bite's on Shark Tank

PMS Chocolate Bites - Episode 726 - May 20, 2016

 Did you know there's a direct connection between symptoms associated with PMS and an imbalance in blood sugar levels? That's why most women crave sweets during PMS and yet sugar is the worst thing to eat that causes bloating and cramping.

The PMS Bites might look like chocolate bites filled with sugar, but in fact they're gluten-free, vegan ingredients, all-natural, and filled with herbs known to help reduce PMS symptoms. All PMS Bites featured on the Shark Tank also contains Siberian ginseng, chamomile and dandelion roots that all help in reducing PMS symptoms.

The entrepreneur that invented the PMS Bites is Tania Green, who'll appear on the next Shark Tank in Episode 726 this Friday night, May 20, 2016. Tania tells the story in the video below how PMS Bites was invented before Her Shark Tank appearance.

Pavlok Shock Bracelet


Pavlok on Shark Tank

Electric Shock Bracelet for Bad Habits - Episode 726 - May 20, 2016

electric shock bracelets
 Do you have any bad habits you'd like to change? Well, this new Shark Tank product known as the Pavlok will Shock Bad Habits right out of you, literally. I've heard of electric shock collars to train dogs, but breaking bad habits by shocking yourself is certainly taking this technology to a whole new level.

The entrepreneur behind the Pavlok Shock Bracelet is Maneesh Sethi, who'll be demonstrating on the Shark Tank how to break bad habits using the shocking method. What kind of bad habits can you break when wearing a Pavlok Shock Bracelet? Well, according to the dozens of Pavlok video reviews on You-Tube, just about any bad habit you can imagine. Shock yourself out of smoking, drinking, eating, over sleeping, training or any habit you want to break using the shock therapy method.

Shock Bracelet for Bad Habits Pavlok Shocking Bracelet seen on the Shark Tank Show The story how Pavlok went from an idea to a successful Shark Tank product all started with Maneesh willingly getting slapped every time He used FaceBook.

Felt App


Felt App on Shark Tank

Send Handwritten Cards and Photo's in Mail - Episode 726 - May 20, 2016

send handwritten cards
Felt App Hand-Written Card's
seen on the
Shark Tank in Episode 726
 When's the last time you sent a hand-written message on a card through the mail? What? You don't remember? Does anyone in this day and age go shopping for a card, write a hand-written message, buy a stamp and send it on a multi-day journey through the mail? The time spent sending a text or email almost makes sending a card obsolete. Fortunately, the Felt App appearing on the next Shark Tank in Episode 726 is taking the personalized hand written cards shipped in the mail into the 21st Century.

The entrepreneur behind the Felt App is Tomer Albert, who'll be appearing on the Shark Tank in Season 7 Final Show. Sending a personalized handwritten card in the mail is as simple as picking out a photo from your I-phone or original designs found on the Felt App website. Write a hand written message (including doodles) using a stylist or your finger to personalize the photo card any way you can imagine. You can even write and customize the envelope the card will be sent in.

How much does it cost to send a personalized card using the Felt App?