Cookie Kahuna - Famous Amos


Cookie Kahuna on Shark Tank

Famous Wally Amos New Cookie Company - Episode 804 - October 7, 2016
Famous Wally Amos on Shark Tank Show
Famous Wally Amos Cookie Kahuna
appearing on
Shark Tank in Episode 804
 The Cookie Kahuna is coming to the Shark Tank in Episode 804 with the most famous chocolate chip cookie maker in the world, Mr. Wally "Famous" Amos. Mr. Amos, before he was famous, has one of the most interesting and inspiring entrepreneurial stories ever seen on the Shark Tank Show. Wally, now 80 years old, is also the oldest entrepreneur ever seen on the Shark Tank representing his latest cookie company, "Cookie Kahuna" from Waikiki, Hawaii.

Wally Amos first started the very first Chocolate Chip Cookie Store "Famous Amos" in 1975 with a $25,000.00 loan. When it came to promoting his product, there was no one better than Famous Amos becoming a household name at the time. Wally claims he only planned on opening one cookie store, but this soon-to-be Famous Shark Tank Star sold over $1,000,000.00 in chocolate chip cookies in the second year and needed to expand, fast. Everything (especially from the early investors views) was going "Great" as Famous Amos Brand started growing at a phenomenal rate. In 1982, Wally's entire business had revenues totaling over $12 million for the year.

So why is the man behind the most famous cookie company ever, going on the Shark Tank 35 years later selling a new brand called Cookie Kahuna? Well, for those that don't know, Wally also became Famous for losing his company to investors in 1988. The Shansby Group bought Famous Amos Brand for only $3 million after the company reported a $2.5 million loss for the year. Since that time, the Company's changed hands at least four different times. Currently, the Kellogg Company owns all the rights to Wally's former business and probably won't be selling anytime soon.

Before starting Cookie Kahuna, Wally also started the "Wally Amos Presents Chip & Cookie" in 1991. The new owners of Famous Amos quickly sued him for using his name in a similar business. So Amos started "Uncle Noname Gourmet Muffins" and took advantage of being sued by the company he founded. In 1999, Wally changed the name to Uncle Wally's Muffin Company.

Wally "Famous Amos" Net Worth

So how much is Famous Amos net worth before launching another famous cookie company on the Shark Tank in Episode 804? We already know Wally will make Shark Tank History for becoming the oldest entrepreneur to start a new business on the Show, but his net worth might also make him one of the wealthiest contestants. Several sites peg Wally Amos net worth around $15 - $20 million. Wally's also a motivational speaker in high demand and author to Ten Inspirational Books helping to add to the bottom line.

Watch Cookie Kahuna on Shark Tank Episode 804 next Friday night, 10/7/2016, and see if the Famous Wally Amos strikes the biggest cookie deal ever with the Sharks and 10 million viewers watching the Show.

Order Cookie Kahuna cookies online (only $5.99 per bag)
Famous Wally Amos Official Website

Raising Wild Swimwear


Raising Wild Swim Suits on Shark Tank

Modest Swimwear - Episode 804 - October 7, 2016
Modest Swimwear seen on Shark Tank Show
Raising Wild Modest Swimwear
appearing on
Shark Tank Episode 804
 The Raising Wild Swimwear is coming to the Shark Tank in Episode 804 with a new look when it comes to modest swimwear. Sisters Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught, the creators of the Raising Wild swimming suits and soon-to-be Shark Tank Stars, grew up in Florida where swimwear's worn almost on a daily basis.

There's a time to wear a bikini, and there's also a time when a modest more covered-up swimming suit is perhaps more appropriate. The problem was, many of the larger swimwear manufacturers were neglecting the modest swimwear look, in favor of selling bikini's that requires considerable less material along with bigger profit margins. The Raising Wild Sisters finally decided if no one's going to specialize in modest and stylish swimming suits, then they'll make their own.

Surprisingly, there's not much information about the Raising Wild Swimwear before making their appearance on the Shark Tank Show. The one thing standing out is how many Instagram Followers Raising Wild has accumulated prior to its Shark Tank appearance. Can you grow an online business mostly focusing on Instagram pics while somewhat neglect growing other social networks like FaceBook? Apparently, this strategy does indeed seem to be working for building this modest swimwear brand. After writing over 700 articles on the Shark Tank Success Blog, I believe this product's a first when it comes to demonstrating the stand-alone marketing power of Instagram.

Watch Raising Wild Swimwear on the next brand new Shark Tank Episode 804 next Friday night, 10/7/2016, exclusively on ABC. It'll be interesting to see if the Instagram marketing strategy was already in place when filming this Season 8 Episode.

Raising Wild Swimsuit Website
Instagram (Over 17,000 Followers)



TekDry on Shark Tank

Water Removal for Tech Device - Episode 804 - October 7, 2016

remove water from tech device
TekDry Wet Phone Repair
appearing on
Shark Tank in Episode 804
 The TekDry water removal system is coming to the Shark Tank in Episode 804 with a new tech service you'll probably be using sometime in the future. For instance, if you accidentally dropped your smartphone in the toilet today (or any water) what the heck are you going to do? If turn on your device or try charging the unit with even a little moisture you'll most likely ruin it beyond repair. The TekDry water removal system invented a high-tech drying solution to solve this growing and expensive problem.

The entrepreneurs representing the TekDry on Shark Tank Episode 804 is Craig Beinecke and Adam Cookson. Developing and marketing this high-tech water removal system came with a set of new challenges never before seen on the Shark Tank Show. For starters, each TekDry drying machine costs several thousands of dollars and requires a tech-savvy employee to run the machine. It's also not a product that would stand on its own but requires being integrated into existing storefronts to make this new water removal service profitable.

The challenges bringing this brand new product/ service to market must have been a monumental feat requiring a small fortune in start-up capital. Fortunately for this soon-to-be Shark Tank product, TekDry has an extremely high success rate and had little problems raising $2.3 million from early investors since 2014. As far as partnering with a large store where the DryTek dryers are located, Beinecke and Cookson secured a national deal with Staples. Even before appearing on the Shark Tank Show, the TekDry water removal system's already available in 82 Staple stores across the country. The next time you drop your smartphone in the toilet or spill a cup of coffee on the computer, just go to Staples and they'll dry it out as good as new.

Will the Shark Tank Investors invest in the TekDry wet phone repairs machines in Episode 804? Considering the earlier valuations helping raise $2.3 million within the past two years, and already a nation-wide deal with Staples, the Sharks won't be getting into the high-tech water removal business without a significant investment.

Watch the DryTek on Shark Tank Episode 804 next Friday night, October 7, 2016, and see if the Sharks invest in the high-tech drying machines of the future. The biggest "long-term" drawback is, of course, as high-tech gadgets continue to evolve, the protective cases will become more waterproof eliminating this problem altogether. 

Night Runner 270


Night Runner 270 on Shark Tank

Headlights For Shoe's - Episode 804 - 10/7/2016

Shoe Lights seen on Shark Tank Episode 804
Night Runner 270 "Shoe Light Reviews"
 It looks like the Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights caught all the running shoe manufacturers off-guard when they invented this new Shark Tank product appearing in Episode 804 on October 7, 2016. When you think about headlight's created for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and just about any other form of transportation when traveling around at night, why hasn't anyone invented a pair of quality "Headlights For Shoes"? Now that's a "Great Idea" and certainly worthy of a Shark Tank appearance in Season 8.

The inventors of the Night Runner Running Shoe Headlight's are Doug and Reneta Storeir, who'll be appearing on Shark Tank Season 8, Episode 804 on October 7, 2016, next Friday night. The Night Runner Safety Lights run on two ultra-light LED light units with a 4-6 hour battery life in-between charging. You can also control the Night Runner Headlights with a low-beam, high-beam and even flashing lights on your running shoes just like the headlights on your car.

The Storeir's first took the Night Runner invention to Kickstarter before auditioning for the Shark Tank to prove the concept further after winning the Venture Pitch Contest in Orlando, Florida in January 2015. The video below was filmed during the event when the judges and audience were mesmerized by the Night Runner pitch seeking a venture capitalist to invest in this "obviously" soon-to-be successful product. Taking the momentum from winning the Venture Pitch, The Night Runner successfully raised its targeted goal raising over $43,000.00 from financial backers.

The Night Runner 270 Shoe Light's are now in full production mode even before becoming an Official Shark Tank Product. How are the shoe light reviews? The Night Runner 270° Reviews on Amazon is rated at 4.3 Stars out of 5 Stars from 55 customers. A full 80% of all customers rated the Night Runner a perfect 5 Star Rating Review!

Watch the Night Runner on a brand new Shark Tank Episode 804 next Friday night, October 7, 2016, and see if the Shoe Light's can put the spotlight on getting a deal with the Sharks.

Shark Tank Season 8 List


Shark Tank Season 8 List of Contestants 

and Episode Guide

Original Shark Tank Venture Capitalists
Shark Tank make's Major Deal bringing back all
Shark Tank Investors in Season 8
 Here's a list of all contestants seen on Shark Tank Season 8 Episodes during the 2016/ 2017 series. As predicted, the producer's of Shark Tank are bringing back all six original Shark Tank Investors including Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjevic for Season 8. In fact, to get this year's Shark Tank Party started on Season 8 Premiere Episode, all six Sharks will appear on set for the first time in the entire history of the Show.

List of Contestants Seen on Shark Tank Season 8

Shark Tank Season 8, Episode 801 (September 23, 2016)

Fizzics Draft Beer raised over $250,000.00 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo before auditioning for the Shark Tank Season 8 and appearing on episode 801.

Spoonful Of Comfort Delivered Gourmet Chicken Soup's an alternative to sending traditional flowers or candy.

ISlide Customized Sandals entered the Shark Tank in Season 8 with an entire list of Famous Athlete's and Celebrity's sporting the ISlide Brand.

ReThink App was invented by the first young entrepreneur to appear on Shark Tank Season 8, by a 13 year-old with a solution solving cyber-bullying.

Shark Tank Episode 802 - September 30, 2016

Fish Call Electronic TackiBite will become a "Must Have" for thousands of fishing enthusiasts when this product become's an Official Shark Tank Product in Season 8.

The Good HangUp's Magnetic Hanging System first made QVC History selling out within "literally" seconds on the Show.

The Lapel Project Lapels customizes any suit jacket in your closet with a brand new look.

Ice Age Meals is coming to the Shark Tank in Episode 802 delivering the freshest Paleo Meal's directly to your door.

Shark Tank Episode 804 - October 7, 2016

Night Runner 270 Shoe Headlights. The Night Runner Headlights for Shoes comes with a dim, bright and blinking lights just like your car.

Raising Wild Swimsuits isn't wild at all, but more of a modest look when it comes to swimwear.

Cookie Kahuna is a new Cookie Company started by non other then Wally "Famous Amos" at 80 years old.

TekDry high-tech dryer for your high-tech toys. A water removal system that really works.

Shark Tank Season 8, Episode 803 - October 14, 2016

Solemates High Heel Protectors makes it safe(er) wearing Stelleto High Heels outdoors.

BIEM Butter Sprayer - Instant hot melted butter at your fingertips.

Angels and Tomboys - Specialty Body Sprays and Perfumes for teenage Girls

Atlantic Candy Co - Is certainly no start-up candy company and you've probably already ate plenty of their products.

Shark Tank Episode 806 - October 21, 2016

SiliDog Dog Tags claims to be the "Worlds Best Dog Tags" that make no noise, won't wear out and customized with glow-in-the-dark options.

Safe Grabs The 8-in-1 Microwave Easy Grab Cooking Utensil.

Parker's Maple Syrup started by then 11-year-old Joshua Parker and grew into a successful business when he was only 15 yeas old.

SandiLake Clothing Co has the best David vs, Goliath Success Story ever told on the Shark Tank Show.

Shark Tank Episode 805 - October 28, 2016

LuLu Bang Sauce  is spreading across the Nation like Wildfire.

UnPack Custom Suitcase Packing and Delivery Service.

Sunscreener could possibly become the Biggest Selling Product in the History of the Shark Tank Show,

Potato Parcel is the only edible postcard on the market, but don't try eating it.

Shark Tank Season 8, Episode 808 (November 4, 2016)

Eco Flower's are Forever Flowers made with recycled wood and will last a lifetime.

#BeSomeBody - Worlds First Experience Marketplace within a Passion Economy

SafeCatch  is the Safest, Healthiest Tuna Fish in a Can on the market.

The Style Club sells unique limited fashion designs inspired by social media.

Season 1 - Season 2 - Season 4 - Season 5 - Season 6 - Season 7 

Ice Age Meals


Ice Age Meals on Shark Tank

Paleo Meal Home Delivery - Episode 802 - September 30, 2016
Paleo Nick's Ice Age Meal Delivery
Ice Age Meals inventor "Paleo Nick"
appearing on the Shark Tank September 30, 2016
 How much would you pay for Ice Age Meals cooked, frozen and delivered to your door before Shark Tank Episode 802 air's on ABC next Friday night? Not just any Ice Age Meal, but full meals cooked and delivered Paleo style using organic meat and the freshest of fresh vegetables. Now before you answer that question you should also know Paleo Nick, the Chief Culinary Ninja himself, helped create every Ice Age Meal on the menu.

The entrepreneur behind Ice Age Meals is Nick Massie, from Reno, Nevada, who'll be representing his Paleo Meals Home Delivery Service on the Shark Tank Show in Season 8, Episode 802 next Friday night, September 30, 2016, on ABC. Nick's been in the cooking industry for over 20 years, but it's his healthy Paleo meals that put him on the map and ultimately on the Shark Tank Show. The entire concept behind Ice Age Meals is using the freshest, healthiest ingredients and never settle for anything but the very best foods available.

Lapel Project


The Lapel Project on Shark Tank

Customized Lapels for Suits - Episode 802 - September 30, 2016
Customized lapels for suit jackets
Lapel Project appearing on
Shark Tank Episode 802
September 30, 2016
 The Lapel Project appears on the Shark Tank in a brand new Episode 802 with customized suit lapels. What's the difference between a suit jacket and a tuxedo? It all has to do with the added flair of the Lapel that turns ordinary suits into formal tuxedo's reserved for those special occasions.

The entrepreneur behind The Lapel Project is Sebastian Garcia, who'll be appearing on the Shark Tank next Friday night, September 30, 2016, with Raul Bernal, from Miami, Florida. The customized lapels come in several different fabrics that's pre-cut and easily attached to any men's suit jacket like a peel-and-stick adhesive sticker. Why bother renting a tuxedo for the night when you can transform any suit in the closet for a fraction of the costs?

Good Hangups


Good HangUps on Shark Tank Show

Magnetic Hanging System - Episode 802 - September 30, 2016

 The Good Hangups Reusable Magnetic Hanging System is coming to the Shark Tank in Season 8 Episode 802 with a success story unlike any other contestant appearing on the Show. Before auditioning for the Shark Tank Season 8, Leslie Pierson, from Seattle, Washington, and inventor of Good HangUp's auditioned for the Today's Show first annual "The Next Best Thing" contest on NBC. Her simple idea of creating a reusable sticker with a built-in magnet was an overwhelming success with the judges and the Good Hangups went on to win "The Next Big Thing" contest.

GoogHangups seen on Shark Tank Season 8
How to use Good Hang Up's 
Reusable Magnetic Gallery
After winning Today's Show first annual entrepreneurs contest, they wasted little time getting Leslie and her Good Hangup's invention on QVC the very next day. Taking a brand new product directly to QVC might be considered risky, but this product was just awarded the "Next Big Thing" top prize on a Major Network the day before winning.

With such a unique low-cost invention appealing to millions of people for a variety of different reasons, it didn't take long for Good Hangup's to completely sell out of inventory. In fact, it was only a matter of a few seconds when Pierson first appeared on QVC and the first 2000 units was already sold. The Network quickly started taking pre-orders for the next batch, and again, they sold-out within a few minutes time. I wonder if Lori Grenier, the QVC Queen, and Shark Tank Investor was on-set when the Good Hangups magnetic stickers made History on Show that day?

Fish Call TackiBite


TackiBite Fish Call on Shark Tank

Electronic Fish Call - Episode 802 - 9/30/2016

TackiBite Electronic Fish Call
Electronic Fish Call
Seen on Shark Tank Season 8
 The TackiBite Fish Call is coming to the Shark Tank in Season 8 Premiere Episode 801 with an irresistible bait when it comes to catching Sharks. In fact, the Fish Call attracts a variety of fish with different sounds and vibrations to wherever the TackiBite Bobber's located. I've done a fair amount of predator calling for coyote, fox, coon and an occasional cat, but calling in fish? Now that's a new one to me. But it makes perfect sense the same technology recreating different sounds to attract predators, would also work to call in a variety of fish depending on the noise and vibration. Now that's a super-cool and soon-to-be Successful Shark Tank Product that's a "Must Have" for my Shark Tank product collection.

The inventors of the TakiBite Fish Call is Father/Son team Jack and Jeff Danos, from Mandeville, Louisiana, will be appearing together on Shark Tank Season 8 Premiere Episode 801 this Friday night, 9/30/2016. Their patented electronic fish attracting device recreates a variety of natural sounds and vibrations and draws your targeted fish to the area like a magnet. Anyone that's ever went fishing, knows the hardest part is finding their location. With the TackiBite Fish Call, you pick the best place to attract the fish directly to your baits area.

Rethink App


Rethink App on Shark Tank

Stop Cyber Bullying App - Season 8 Premiere Episode
Stop Cyber bullying seen on Shark Tank Season 8 Premiere Episode
ReThink "Stop Cyber Bullying" App
seen on Shark Tank Season 8 Premiere Episode 801
 The ReThink Stop Cyber bullying App was invented by then 13-year-old Trisha Prabhu, who will be appearing on the Shark Tank Season 8 Premiere Episode on September 23, 2016. Trisha, now 16 years old, got her motivation to invent a cyber bullying app after reading a tragic story online about an 11-year-old girl that took her own life. Prabhu immediately decided she was going to do something to stop cyber bullying once and for all. The young entrepreneur said, "I invented the ReThink App that's a technology solution to a problem created by technology."

To soon-to-be Shark Tank Star invented a patent-pending content algorithm built into the the ReThink App. ReThink scans messages for offensive language and potentially interpreted as a cyber bulling message. The sender gets an alert from the App in real-time asking them to "Stop" and realize what they're about to send. It encourages them to "re-think" the situation before sending a message that's considered cyber bullying.

Islide Sandals


ISlide on Shark Tank

Custom Sandals - Season 8 - Episode 801 - September 23, 2016

Seen on Shark Tank Season 8, Episode 801
ISlide Custom Sandals
appearing on Shark Tank Season 8 Premiere Episode 801
The ISlide Custom Sandals is appearing on the Shark Tank Season 8 premiere episode 801 with an ace-in-the-hole when it comes to dealing with the Sharks. In fact, you might even say the entire deck's stacked in Islide's favor for getting a deal on Shark Tank's premiere episode on September 23, 2016.

The entrepreneur behind the I-Slide Custom Sandals is Justin Kittredge who'll be appearing on the Shark Tank Show with NFL Star Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Having a professional athlete helping represent your product on the Shark Tank certainly adds credibility. But in Justin's case, the ISlide Custom Sandals has an entire list of Professional Athlete's and Celebrity's already wearing their sandals like no other product ever seen on the Shark Tank. When you have the likes of Antonio Brown, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Deon Sanders, Dwayne Wade, Connor McGregger, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber already wearing your customized sandals, it's easy seeing ISlide Custom Sandals becoming one of Shark Tank's Most Successful products.

Spoonful of Comfort


Spoonful of Comfort on Shark Tank

 Gourmet Soup By Mail - Season 8 - Episode 801 - September 23, 2016
Homemade Soup Gift Package
Spoonful of Comfort
appearing on
Shark Tank Season 8 Premiere Episode 801

 The Spoonful of Comfort is coming to the Shark Tank in Season 8 premiere episode 801 with a unique business sending Chicken Soup in the mail. There's a time for sending flowers, a fruit basket or a box of candy depending on the occasion. But there's nothing better than sending home-made chicken soup with a hand-written note wishing them to "Get Well Soon." The entrepreneurs behind Spoonful of Comfort is Marti Wymer, and Scott Gustafson from Salt Lake City, Utah, who'll appear together on Shark Tank Season 8 premiere episode on September 23, 2016

Everyone knows Chicken Soup's been the #1 comfort food when you're not feeling good and used by mother's going back several generations. When Marti's Mom fell ill, She wanted to do something special other than sending flowers or a card. She instead made a big pot of chicken soup and sent it to her Mom in the mail. It was a Spoonful of Comfort worth its weight in gold ,and now it's an Official Shark Tank Product.

The Spoonful of Comfort's website makes it super easy customizing a care package shipped anywhere in the United States. Your personalized gift includes 64 ounces (half a gallon) of freshly made chicken soup or tomato basil along with the perfect sized ladle. The package also includes 1/2 dozen Bacci rolls, 1/2 dozen freshly baked cookies and a handwritten note using your words. The cost to order a Spoonful of Comfort package is only $69.99 + $14.99 (standard shipping) or $84.98 total.

Surprisingly, I never heard of Spoonful of Comfort or sending gourmet chicken soup in the mail, but apparently, it's been in business at least the past seven years. Marti talks about the challenges starting a new business on a shoe-string budget in the video below and shares what's been successful thus far. Whatever the marketing challenges she faced back in 2014 (when the video posted) will become a distant memory after the business appears on the Shark Tank Season 8 Premiere Episode next Friday night.

Watch Spoonful of Comfort on a brand new Shark Tank Episode next Friday night, September 23, 2016, and see if the Sharks invest in the Chicken Soup by mail concept. Personally, I'd choose a bowl of homemade soup instead of flowers or a box of candy everytime. The biggest challenge is convincing the Sharks it's not just the homemade soup customers are sending their loved ones for $69.99. It's an entire personalized care package to make a lasting impression. How many times has someone sent chicken soup when you were not feeling good?

Spoonful of Comfort Website
+Spoonful of Comfort

Fizzics Draft Beer


Fizzics Draft Beer on Shark Tank

The Physics Behind Great Beer - Season 8 - Episode 801

Portable draft beer seen on Shark Tank Show
Fizzics Beer System
seen on
Shark Tank Episode 801
 Does draft beer taste better than a bottled or can beer? According to the physics behind the portable Fizzics Beer System, it indeed does.  The Fizzics Beer System is appearing on the Shark Tank Season 8 Premiere Episode 801, is a great way getting this season's party started. As all beer concessionaires already know, beer always tastes better when poured on-tap with the perfect head enhancing the carbonation and aroma. Drinking a bottle or can beer is a close second, (no other choice unless you went to a bar or bought an entire keg) but when it comes to a perfectly poured draft beer, it's not even close.

The Fizzics Draft Beer entrepreneur's are Phil Petracca, and David Mc'Donald who'll be pitching their multi-million dollar idea to all six original Sharks (Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori Grenier, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjevic) in the first Shark Tank Episode in Season 8.